“Just a note to say how much I appreciate the professional and personal attention to details from all of you!  If a divorce can be pleasant, you certainly made it so for me!” – Former Client

“Hard to use the word pleasure in this case but you guys made it as easy as possible.  The responsiveness and support you all gave made it all a lot easier.”  – Former Client

“Wendy’s team is all so excellent and very professional in every way.  They deliver everything that is promised in a timely fashion – and with integrity.” – Former Client

“I am grateful for your fighting hard for me, advocating toughly on my behalf, yet guiding me patiently and with compassion.” – Former Client

“I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work on our prenuptial agreement!  It took some time and some back and forth, but I am very pleased with where we ended up!  I appreciate the support and I’ll gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a family law attorney.” – Former Client

“Thank you so much for walking the path with me.  You kept me strong & humble when I needed it the most.  You helped me regain control of my life and for that, I will be eternally grateful. “ – Former Client

“You are kind, gentle, and smart, and firm all at the same time.  You are admired by many.”- Family Law Attorney

“Through the process, I knew I was in good hands with good legal advice from you, which I really appreciate.” – Former Client

“I felt so blessed to have u there by my side.  Hopefully, things will get done that need to be done.  I felt so much peace in my heart that next morning.” – Former Client

“From start to finish Brenda was right by my side guiding me every step of the way.  I was able to not be as anxious with my divorce because I knew I was in good hands.” – Former Client

“There is a saying – “Change one and you can change the world.” You have changed me, for the better.  I can never be grateful enough.” – Former Client

“They truly represent your best interests across the board.” – Former Client

“I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your team of professionals – they are all ethical, caring, and talented.  In the future, I would refer your practice to a friend in need, without any hesitation.” – Former Client

“…knowing, as we do, how uncivilized family law can get, it has been refreshing and reaffirming for me to work with your firm.  …The world could do with a little less hostility.” – Family Law Attorney

“I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for making a terrifying process seem so smooth.  You guys really are the best at what you do.” – Former Client

“From the very first time I met you, I could tell that you were a very compassionate caring & strong women!  Thank you for caring the way you have & fighting for me like you did!” – Former Client

“…Change, strength, courage, our love of self and independence, all of which you helped me obtain.  Forever grateful.” – Former Client

“I am so thrilled.  You were able to accomplish what no one else could.  Thank you again.”– Former Client

“You have a great style which helped me navigate these troubled waters.  Many, many thanks.” – Former Client

“Although Brenda has multiple clients with multiple issues she made me feel like I was the only one.  I highly recommend Brenda as she truly loves what she does and puts her clients best interest first.” – Former Client

“Thank you doesn’t begin to tell you my appreciation.  You both guided me and made me feel I was in a safe place during such a frightening time.  I needed that more than anything.” – Former Client

“I can’t thank you enough.  I appreciated all you did for me.  I was quite a mess that first day.  I feel so strong today thanks to you.” – Former Client

“Thank you for all that you’ve done along with your wonderful staff to navigate me through the complexities of changing my name.” – Former Client

“I found them to be some of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met.”  – Former Client

“You have a great crew and a patient one at that.”  – CPA

“It’s just unbelievable… everyone always returns my calls, there’s always people at the office to help me…I really appreciate it.” – Former Client

“I will never forget how kind you & your staff were to me.  It helped me to go on.” – Former Client

“Thank you Wendy!  Your work has transformed Central Floridians’ Lives!” – Family Law Attorney

“First, I can’t really express how much I appreciate what you and your team did to help me; a simple thanks does not do it justice.  My frustration with my other attorneys and my ignorance about what to do made me feel like I was drowning; it was making me physically ill.  You on the other hand are a professional, know what you are talking about, and do what you say you are going to do.  I doubt that you realized just how comforting that can be to someone going through a divorce.  So, thank you, for helping me get my life back.”  – Former Client

“I am so pleased that I was represented by Brenda as she fulfilled the myriad of roles that were necessary during my lengthy and taxing divorce…  Her professionalism, grace and eloquence are the perfect combination.  I don’t think with any other attorney, including her exceptional Paralegal Diana, I would have kept my sanity or succeeded as much as I did.” – Former Client

“You have inspired me to go on to be happy and gave me a new found confidence in myself that I didn’t even know that I had…  Thank you for keeping me calm and fighting my battle for me. You have such a powerful quiet strength about you that is so peaceful even in a time of great turmoil.” – Former Client

“Again thank you so much for your professionalism, good humor, and tireless work through this process.” – Former Client

Why The Aikin Family Law Group?

Our lawyers are leaders in conflict resolution, known for helping families restructure and regain strength while protecting children and their financial futures. We have created an office culture that offers comfort and stability to clients who are facing some of the most difficult decisions of their lives.