Orlando Divorce Mediation

Orlando Divorce Mediation

In 2018, Florida estimated that 13% of their population was divorced. This statistic seems rather low, but under more investigation, only 32.3% of the state’s population is married. So a little less than half of the marriages in Florida end in divorce. We mention these statistics because divorces happen every day, and many times, they end up as the right decision for everyone involved.

Social pressures have led many to believe that divorce has to be a nasty process that occurs over a long period. This better defines divorce litigation. While this can certainly be the case, if your divorce appears to be heading toward an amicable resolution, you and your spouse may want to use an Orlando divorce mediation lawyer. This style of family law differs than that of collaborative or litigation methods of divorce.

What is Divorce Mediation?

You and your (soon to be) ex-spouse want the best for your future life and the lives of your children. When you both decide to pursue a less conflicted divorce process, mediation is a logical option. With this option, both parties will sit down with an Orlando divorce mediation attorney to address how to split assets, handle child custody and support, and elements like taxes.

Working with an Orlando divorce mediation law firm, like Aikin Family Law Group, helps to resolve issues efficiently and typically in a more cost-effective way. A mediator will present various options when parties don’t know how to handle a topic. They also identify issues that may come up years from now posing problems for both parents and children.

An Orlando mediation lawyer can also  draft the appropriate paperwork for your divorce including pleadings, parenting agreements, marital settlement agreements, child support guidelines, and the final judgment. Our attorneys do not represent either spouse, making the process feel more civil and less stressful for everyone involved.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Here is a look at some of the benefits of a mediation divorce as reported by the media, legal associations and people who chose this legal path.

  • Timeline – When a couple chooses mediation for their divorce they also get to control the timeline of the process. The couple can meet with their mediator as often as they wish to come to a resolution. This makes them less susceptible to the timetable of litigation lawyers or the court system.
  • Confidentiality – Mediation is a confidential process among spouses and the mediator. In most cases, especially through litigation, details of your divorce may end up in public records. 
  • Co-Parenting – Most legal professionals agree that mediation is a child-focused approach to divorce. Parents who voice that they are most concerned about their children in a divorce benefit from mediation with amicable parenting plans and financial agreements.
  • Cost – Since an attorney will represent neither you nor your spouse, an Orlando mediation lawyer will come as a lower cost option. Mediation is an attractive option for those who would rather use the money they would have each spent on attorney’s fees to rebuild their lives.
  • More Peaceful – Mediation proves to be a more peaceful arrangement for soon-to-be ex-spouses. Traditional litigation methods tend to make divorce very complicated, adversarial, and stressful. Mediation offers an alternative so everyone can move on with life more quickly upon agreement.
  • More Satisfaction and More Compliant – Studies show that couples who choose mediation are more satisfied with their divorces and tend to be more compliant with their agreements. Couples who choose mediation get to decide on the specific terms of their settlement agreements. Mediators understand the logistics of divorce and the factors that will be important ongoing, therefore, their guidance leads to well-rounded compromises.
  • Specific to Your Family – Agreements that materialize via mediation offer families a more particular set of guidelines that reflect the personal desires and choices of the ex-spouses. When couples choose a litigation process for divorce, they may not get a sufficient chance to tailor their agreements to the family’s lifestyle or specific needs. This is especially the case when a judge is the one deciding the terms of a couple’s divorce.

When you and your spouse finally come to terms that a divorce is in the best interest of everyone, we understand that mediation may not be your first thought. Chances are, all parties are unhappy or hurt in some way with the decision. Once you begin the process, we hope that you and your spouse choose to work with an Orlando divorce mediation attorneys, knowing that a peaceful resolution equals a faster healing process.

Please contact the Aikin Family Law Group to discuss your options. We can even help you approach your spouse about this option if you are just starting the divorce process.

Why The Aikin Family Law Group?

Our lawyers are leaders in conflict resolution, known for helping families restructure and regain strength while protecting children and their financial futures. We have created an office culture that offers comfort and stability to clients who are facing some of the most difficult decisions of their lives.