Orlando Child Custody Lawyers

Orlando Child Custody Lawyers

One of the most contentious aspects of a divorce is child custody and what happens to children after the ink dries on a divorce decree. At The Aikin Family Law Group, we empathize with the challenges that come with custody agreements and focus our practice on the overall interests of your child(ren) and their future.

The state of Florida, by comparison to other states, has a more progressive approach to family law and how they serve Florida residents. On their court’s website, you can find many resources to help you with divorce elements such as laws surrounding custody and toolkits to help you plan in the event divorce is imminent. These are not legal resources but prove helpful as you navigate Orlando child custody situations. While Florida courts take measures to learn more about what is best for children in divorce, you should always seek an Orlando child custody lawyer to help you through your case.

The Aikin Family Law Group: Orlando Child Custody Attorney Objectives

Children are at the heart of every family, and we understand this is complicated to focus on during a divorce. With every case we see, our team of Orlando child custody lawyers maintains their commitment to children and their well-being throughout the process. We support the idea, in most cases, that a child is better off maintaining a healthy relationship with both parents. We also believe that a healthy co-parenting relationship is essential to maintain for your child post-divorce.

Studies reveal that children want access to both parents and fewer restrictions on time-sharing arrangements, regardless of custodial structures.

In the past, there was a push to label parents according to who had more custody over a child. Labels create discomfort among parents and children, leaving one parent to feel more powerful over another. Today, custodial structures focus on shared time, so children benefit from the presence of both parents throughout childhood.

“Best Interests” Factors in Orlando Child Custody Law

Our Orlando child custody law firm will seek what is in the best interests of a child according to their family structure and history. The Florida family guidelines are only the start of what this can mean, but we aim to understand your family structure at a deeper level. We have broken down some of the factors we take into consideration as Orlando child custody lawyers.

  • Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health of Both Parents – The well-being of parents is a direct reflection on their children, so learning where they stand physically, mentally, and emotionally is an important factor in child custody cases.
  • Religious and Cultural Considerations – If a child has been brought up with particular religious and cultural practices, it is important to acknowledge these, as not to disrupt their sense of normalcy.
  • Age, Sex, and Health of the Child – We address considerations based on age, gender, and the health of a child concerning parental responsibility. Sometimes, a child may identify better with one parent over another. In other cases, one parent may have a better understanding of a child’s medical conditions. These factors are not based on which parent is “better” but focus more on which parent handles these decisions more regularly.
  • Interpersonal Relationships – A quality assessment of the relationships with other members of a household, is also an important element in child custody. Children’s relationships with their parents, siblings, and other extended family members can contribute to their overall well-being.
  • The Child’s Desires – If the child is old enough, taking their desires into account results positively for families going through a divorce. While the outcome may not sit well with one parent, at times, it can be appropriate to put a child’s desires at the forefront of custody decisions.
  • Evidence of Unhealthy Conditions – We will also look at unfavorable living conditions of a child which may include drug abuse, alcohol abuse, physical or emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and disciplinary styles of both parents.

Solutions in Orlando Child Custody Cases

As Orlando child custody attorneys, The Aikin Family Law Group will serve clients in the areas of collaborative family law, mediation, flat fee divorce, or litigation strategies. We can help you assess which option is best for you after learning more about the dynamics of your case. We aim to direct child custody cases to a more collaborative approach, but we know this can’t always happen. We can represent you in litigation proceedings if the situation calls for that.

The Orlando child custody lawyers of The Aikin Family Law Group are ready to hear the details of your case. We encourage you to contact us immediately so we can guide you to the best possible solution for your divorce and child custody agreements.


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