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Child CustodyCreating a plan for your family.

Raising children is the primary responsibility of parents.  The State of Florida no longer uses the language “Custody” or “Primary responsibility.”  Parents share time with their children and share certain parenting responsibilities.  Shared parenting responsibilities include day-today parenting tasks and decisions, as well as responsibility for larger decisions.  Rarely sole parental responsibility is in order.  Sole parental responsibility gives one parent the responsibility for making decisions for the child regarding education, medical, religion, and day-to-day decisions.  To assist parents in understanding their parenting responsibilities and timesharing schedule, a Parenting Plan is created.  A Parenting Plan outlines all aspects of raising your children from regular timesharing and holiday timesharing, to extra-curricular activities, schooling, transportation, travel, and medical issues.

One of the challenging issues for families to consider is the relocation of one parent with the children.  Under Florida Law, relocation is defined as one parent moving with the children more than 50 miles from the current residence.  Parents may come to a written agreement regarding relocation that contains the terms of the move and the new timesharing arrangements.  If the parents do not agree, however, the parent seeking to relocate with the children may decide to file a Petition to Relocate, asking the court’s permission to move based on several important factors.

Our promise:

  • We promise to learn about and understand your children and their unique needs;
  • We promise to educate you about shared parenting issues, and to explore any sole parental responsibility concerns;
  • We promise to help you create the best parenting plan for your child’s needs;
  • We promise to thoroughly prepare any relocation issues for you to consider;
  • We promise to utilize the most effective resources necessary to negotiate the best plan for your children.

Our approach to child custody:

At The Aikin Family Law Group, we help you consider all the parenting issues and decisions, to create a Parenting Plan that you feel confident will support the best interests of your children.  Many parents are able to agree on the Parenting Plan that is right for their family. However, even if you are not able to agree with the other parent, we can help.

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