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Establishing your parental rights.

When children are born to parents who are not legally married, a birth certificate of the child naming the parents does not control or give any legal rights to a parent.  If the parents agree who the child’s parents are they can both sign a “Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity.” Signing this acknowledgement gives the father all the rights and responsibilities of parenthood such as the right to see the child and establish a paternal relationship, the right to contribute to the raising of the child, and the responsibility of contributing financially to the child’s needs.  However, if there is no agreement, Paternity actions are necessary to establish a father’s legal parental rights and obligations under Florida law.

At The Aikin Family Law Group, we have decades of experience establishing paternity and helping parents establish timesharing, child support, health insurance,  and other important issues.

Paternity actions can:

  • Establish paternity of a child by agreement or through paternity testing.
  • Establish parental rights of a parent.
  • Establish a Parenting Plan that addresses timesharing and parental responsibility.
  • Establish child support.

Our Approach:

At The Aikin Family Law Group, we approach each paternity case with integrity, dignity, and creativity.  We have earned a reputation for delivering excellent legal counsel, providing a caring and professional environment, and giving clients a quality experience.

We do this through the use of:

  • The Collaborative Law Process
  • Cooperative Methods and Hybrid Models
  • Mediation (with or without lawyers)
  • Strategic Litigation
  • Preparation of documents for “Kitchen Table” agreements

The paternity of children in our community is an important issue.  Establishing the rights and responsibilities of parents allows children to have the love and support of two parents.  At The Aikin Family Law Group, we can help you create a stable future for your children.

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Why The Aikin Family Law Group?

Our lawyers are leaders in conflict resolution, known for helping families restructure and regain strength while protecting children and their financial futures. We have created an office culture that offers comfort and stability to clients who are facing some of the most difficult decisions of their lives.