Legal Name Change

Establishing a new legal identity.

Legal Name Change in Winter Park FloridaIn the State of Florida, an adult can change any part of their name, including their full name, to anything they choose.

While the most common reason adults wish to change their legal name is marriage or divorce, it is not the only reason. Some people want to legally change their name for safety reasons, career advancement, gender transition or their own religious beliefs.

This name change will affect all of your legal and government documents resulting in your driver’s license, passport, tax forms and many other legal documents reflecting your new name. The legal process can be complex for someone who is untrained in the law. It is vital to complete the name change correctly to ensure the government recognizes your new official identity.

The Legal Name Change Process

In order to legally change your name, you must follow a formal legal process which begins with filing a Petition for Name Change in the circuit court in the county in which you reside. Unless you are changing your name to a former name, you will most likely be required to undergo a comprehensive background check, including submitting fingerprints with a law enforcement agency. After the background check has been completed, you will need to attend a hearing and explain to the judge why you want to change your name. While the majority of name changes are granted, the change is not guaranteed, and some petitions are denied.

Once you have made the decision to change your name, The Aikin Family Law Group will take care of all the court filings and make your name change as stress free as possible. Please give us a call office at 407-644-4040 or contact us online to schedule a consultation to find out how we can help you change your legal name.

Our promise:

  • Develop a customized strategy that defines your goals and needs
  • Identify and clarify all name change options available and provide an honest assessment of the best options for you
  • Keep your interests at the forefront throughout the legal name change process and after
  • Communicate every step of the way so you know where you stand

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