Divorce is too often a painful, difficult, and expensive process for couples. The ability to divorce amicably and with dignity can be invaluable. Engaging in contentious litigation will likely not benefit anyone except your divorce lawyer. If you and your spouse wish to proceed with your divorce in an efficient and amicable manner, then a flat fee divorce may be the right option for you.

When is a flat fee divorce option a good idea?

Flat fee divorce is ideal for couples who want to end their marriage on good terms and who have agreed on the overall terms of their divorce. In a flat fee divorce option you and your spouse control the outcome – not a stranger in a black robe. You and your spouse know what is best for your family. Clients who choose this divorce option have the power to have the terms of their divorce settlement crafted into enforceable settlement agreements by an experienced attorney. The settlement agreements will be tailored by our office to your unique circumstances and the terms you and your spouse agreed upon.

This divorce option is especially great for couples who would like to foster a healthy co-parenting relationship and create a smooth transition to post-divorce life for their children. Litigation can tear families apart, placing one spouse directly against the other. A fixed fee divorce gives clients the power to restructure their families in preparation for their post-divorce lives.

How will I benefit from a flat fee divorce? 

There are several benefits to choosing a flat fee divorce. One of the most significant benefits is the fixed cost. There are no hidden or surprise costs with this divorce option. The court filing fee ($410) and the cost for two certified copies of your Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage ($10) are already included within the costs of your divorce.

As long as your case remains a flat fee divorce case, you will not incur any additional fees directly associated with your initial divorce. A fixed fee divorce gives you a predictable and fixed budget for your divorce. Finances can be a point of contention for couples when divorcing. If your case were to proceed to litigation, the costs can be insurmountable.

In addition to the money saved with a flat fee divorce option, you will also save time. Fixed fee divorces can be completed from start to finish efficiently as opposed to the years it can take to fully litigate a divorce case. Hearing time in Central Florida courts is hard to come by. You are also required to attend mediation before you are ever able to appear before the trial judge, unless it is an emergency matter. When proceeding with a fixed fee divorce with our office, in most cases you will not have to ever attend a hearing or go to the courthouse.

Why shouldn’t I just file my own divorce?

There can be many risks associated with filing your own divorce. It is very likely that you and your spouse are not trained in the law. We’ve seen countless advertisements for “cheap” divorces prepared by non-lawyers. Just as you wouldn’t trust a surgical assistant to conduct your surgery, you should also not trust a non-lawyer to complete your divorce. Florida law is constantly changing, and you need someone who is educated on the law. When proceeding with our office for a flat fee divorce, you have the peace of mind knowing that an experienced family law lawyer is drafting everything required under Florida law for your divorce case. We guide you through the entire divorce process, and we handle all of the drafting and filing with the court.

When you handle your own divorce, a public hearing will be necessary. The majority of individuals proceeding with a divorce have never testified at a hearing, do not know what to expect, and are not familiar with the nuances of court proceedings. On the other hand, clients who choose us for a flat fee divorce will most likely not be required to attend a hearing or file financial documents with the court. If a hearing is required, we will meet with you beforehand to ensure you are prepared and ready for your final hearing. We also accompany you to the final hearing and walk you through the entire process.

Divorce can be a stressful enough of a process; you should not add to the stress by trying to file your own divorce.

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