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Guardian ad Litem

Guardian ad Litem

Advocating for your children.

Guardian ad Litem is a special advocate appointed by the court to represent the best interests of a child.   When a family goes through a divorce, they may need help determining what is best for the child, what emotional or educational support the child may need, or even what timesharing schedule would serve the child best.

A Guardian ad Litem helps the parents focus on the child and their unique needs.  The court either appoints the Guardian ad Litem on their own accord, or by the request of one or both of the parents.  At The Aikin Family Law Group, we are often selected and appointed as a Guardian ad Litem to represent children’s best interests in high conflict cases.

Our promise:

  • We promise to learn about and understand each of your children and their unique needs;
  • We promise to thoroughly investigate and speak with everyone that holds information about your child including family members, teachers, coaches, therapists, friends, neighbors, and doctors;
  • We promise to conduct our investigation in a timely and efficient manner, understanding that your child is precious;
  • We promise to identify and clarify recommendations developed specifically for your child;
  • We promise to care.

Our Guardian ad Litem approach:

At The Aikin Family Law Group, we are dedicated to helping families identify and achieve the best outcome for their children.  We approach each case with integrity, dignity, and creativity so that the outcome you ultimately achieve promotes your well-being and that of your children.  A Guardian ad Litem is another important choice you can make.

To learn more about advocating for your children, please call us at 407-644-4040 or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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