Domestic Partnership Agreement / Cohabitation Agreements

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Domestic Partnership AgreementSecuring and protecting your future.

Domestic Partnership Agreement also called Cohabitation Agreement can provide the framework for establishing the legal right and responsibilities of a couple that decides to form a long-term committed relationship without marriage.  These agreements can address important family decisions that can secure and protect your financial future.

The Aikin Family Law Group we have decades of legal expertise to help you achieve your goals and create the best possible agreement for your future.

A Domestic Partnership Agreement can:

  • Address how real and personal property ownership will be held.
  • Determine how inheritance will be handled.
  • Define how children will be cared for and establish parental responsibility.
  • Address how income will be shared.
  • Create a predictable and orderly transition should the couple end their relationship.
  • Clarify the issues as well as the method utilized for dispute resolution.

Our Approach:

We approach each Domestic Partnership Agreement and Cohabitation Agreement with integrity, dignity, and creativity so that you can plan for your future with ease.  We do this by:

  • Facilitating discussions concerning life goals and financial philosophies.
  • Creating a framework for how the couple’s wealth will be handled in the event of separation or death.
  • Facilitating discussions regarding co-parenting of children.

Create an Agreement that will protect your family and help you reach for your goals. At The Aikin Family Law Group we are experienced at creating solid agreements that protect your future.

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