Aikin Family LitigationIs litigation the best option for you?

When you are choosing the best option for your family, many divorcing individuals think that they need “aggressive” representation and that their case is going to end up in court and in a contested, litigated trial.  Many divorces start out from a place of anger or fear. People finding themselves contemplating divorce often think they need “a pit bull attorney”.  There is also a sense of needing to win, which, by definition, presupposes that there is a loser.

The emotional and financial cost of litigation

Family law, with the potential damage to children and families long term, is probably the last area of law where people should seek out a judge in a black robe, a stranger really, to decide their fate, let alone that of their children and their finances. Contested trials are time consuming and expensive. The court experiences your presentation of the truth on a very circumspect basis over a precious few hours.  The outcome is random and unpredictable under the best of circumstances.  The potential for polarization and for mud-slinging also increases exponentially with heated courtroom battles.

The Aikin Family Law Group approach

When most people ask for “aggressive” representation, what they usually mean is that they want an experienced, competent, forthright attorney who knows the law and the court system and who has the moxie to stand up to whatever comes at them from the other side.  We are that law firm.  It is not our passion to take a retainer from a client and spend it bashing the other side; instead, you will find experienced former litigators who understand the court system and thoroughly and fully know how to prepare cases for the best possible out-of-court solutions.

Over 90 percent of litigated cases settle before trial, but often after lengthy and expensive litigation.  We pledge to help you reach the outcome that promotes your needs and goals and preserves the family to the greatest extent possible right from the beginning.

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Why The Aikin Family Law Group?

Our lawyers are leaders in conflict resolution, known for helping families restructure and regain strength while protecting children and their financial futures. We have created an office culture that offers comfort and stability to clients who are facing some of the most difficult decisions of their lives.