Co-Parenting / Shared Parenting

Co-ParentingPromoting parenting relationships.

The term “Co-parenting” describes a parenting relationship in which two parents of a child are no longer living together, but still share responsibility for the raising of their children.  This relationship often occurs during separation, divorce, or paternity actions.  Co-parenting requires that both parents put aside any differences or conflicts they may have, and put the children first.  Healthy co-parenting requires ongoing communication, mutual responsibility, and problem-solving.  Effective co-parenting helps mitigate the social and emotional consequences of divorce or separation. It provides a safe and sustainable environment for the children, and models good conflict resolution skills for them.

The term “Shared parenting” or “Shared parental responsibility,” is a court-ordered relationship pursuant to Florida Statute.  Pursuant to shared parenting, both parents retain full rights and responsibility for parenting their children.  They must confer with each other in making any major decisions that affect the wellbeing of their children unless the court determines that shared parenting would be detrimental to the children.  Should the court determine that shared parenting is detrimental to the children, they rarely may award “Sole parental responsibility” to one parent.

To assist parents in understanding their parenting responsibilities and timesharing schedule, a Parenting Plan is created.  A Parenting Plan outlines all aspects of raising your children from regular timesharing and holiday timesharing, to extra-curricular activities, schooling, transportation, travel, and medical issues.

Our promise:

  • We promise to learn about and understand each of your children and their unique needs;
  • We promise to educate you about co-parenting and shared parenting issues, and to explore any sole parental responsibility concerns;
  • We promise to help you create the best parenting plan for your children’s needs;
  • We promise to utilize the most effective resources necessary to negotiate the best plan for your children.

Our approach:

At The Aikin Family Law Group, we help you navigate through co-parenting issues and shared parenting concerns to create a Parenting Plan that you feel confident will support the best interests of your children.  Many parents are able to agree on the Parenting Plan that is right for their family. However, even if you are not able to agree with the other parent, we can help.

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