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Brenda L. London

“My goal is to help make our community a more vibrant, healthy place—one family at a time.”

Brenda L. London

“My goal is to help make our community a more vibrant, healthy place—one family at a time.”

Family Law Attorney
Accredited Collaborative Professional
Family Law Mediator

At the very beginning of my legal career, more than two decades ago, I chose to do Guardian ad Litem work to serve the community. The opportunity to have a positive impact on children and families going through divorce led me to concentrate my practice in family law. As my practice has grown, managing cases that involve domestic abuse, mental health issues or substance abuse has become a special interest and expertise for me.

Facing divorce and other family law issues can be one of the most overwhelming experiences in a person’s life. I’m patient and calm—even in the midst of chaos—and strive to make clients feel comfortable. I listen with curiosity to learn what makes each client’s situation unique so that I can be creative and strategic in helping them shape new futures.

My years of experience in working with children and families have given me valuable perspective and knowledge that I am able to use to benefit my clients. A less adversarial approach accomplishes more for clients in achieving their goals than perpetuating the destruction of divorce. To that end, I guide clients in choosing the process—whether Collaborative Law, mediation, or litigation—that will lead to the most positive outcomes. Helping clients see possibilities for themselves and their families they never imagined after divorce is truly a privilege for me.

Born and raised in Connecticut, I am a “double Gator,” having received both my undergraduate and my law degree from the University of Florida. In my practice, I have worked as a Guardian ad Litem with hundreds of children in both dependency and custody cases, frequently appointed by judges. I have been honored to receive many awards and recognitions for my work as a children’s advocate. Most recently, I received the Florida Bar President’s Pro Bono Service Award for 2017 for my Guardian ad Litem work, and also the highest award given for Guardian ad Litem representation, the 2016 Judge J.C. “Jake” Stone Distinguished Service Award. I teach Collaborative Law as an Adjunct Law Professor at the Barry University School of Law, and serve as the Director of The Barry Collaborative Family Law Clinic. I am a Collaborative Law trainer and speaker, and served as the Administrator and board member of The Collaborative Family Law Group of Florida from 2008-2018.

Whether working with clients in the conference room or the court room, I am committed to empowering individuals and families to achieve healthier and more positive futures.

“I am so pleased that I was represented by Brenda as she fulfilled the myriad of roles that were necessary during my lengthy and taxing divorce… Her professionalism, grace and eloquence are the perfect combination. I don’t think with any other attorney, including her exceptional Paralegal Diana, I would have kept my sanity or succeeded as much as I did.” – Former Client
“I felt so blessed to have u there by my side. Hopefully, things will get done that need to be done. I felt so much peace in my heart that next morning.” – Former Client
“Although Brenda has multiple clients with multiple issues she made me feel like I was the only one. I highly recommend Brenda as she truly loves what she does and puts her clients best interest first.” – Former Client
“You have inspired me to go on to be happy and gave me a new found confidence in myself that I didn’t even know that I had… Thank you for keeping me calm and fighting my battle for me. You have such a powerful quiet strength about you that is so peaceful even in a time of great turmoil.” – Former Client
“From start to finish Brenda was right by my side guiding me every step of the way. I was able to not be as anxious with my divorce because I knew I was in good hands.” – Former Client
“Thank you doesn’t begin to tell you my appreciation. You both guided me and made me feel I was in a safe place during such a frightening time. I needed that more than anything.” – Former Client
“Again thank you so much for your professionalism, good humor, and tireless work through this process.” – Former Client
“I can’t thank you enough. I appreciated all you did for me. I was quite a mess that first day. I feel so strong today thanks to you.” – Former Client
“There is a saying – “Change one and you can change the world.” You have changed me, for the better. I can never be grateful enough.” – Former Client

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