Adult Adoptions

Forming a legal recognition of an existing parental relationship.

Adult Adoptions in Winter Park FloridaAdoptions do not always involve young children. If you have ever had a parental relationship with an adult who is not legally or biologically recognized as your child, adult adoption is a meaningful way to formally recognize this important parent-child relationship. This often involves stepparents or foster parents adopting the adult child. In the state of Florida, any adult over the age of eighteen is eligible to be adopted as long as the adult adoptee formally consents to the adoption. Adult adoptions can occur quickly as there is no need to complete a home study or terminate parental rights because the adult adoptee is able to consent to the adoption.

Besides the formalization and legal recognition of the parent-child relationship, there are also financial and other legal factors to consider when making the important decision to proceed with an adult adoption. For instance, it is common for people to choose adult adoption for inheritance or health insurance reasons.

What to Expect with an Adult Adoption

Once the adult adoption is finalized, it will create a legally recognized parent-child relationship. This allows the adopted adult to inherit property from the adoptive parent and have medical decision making in accordance with Florida’s laws. With adult adoptions a new birth certificate will be created and the adult adoptee can legally change their last name to match their adoptive family.

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